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 This is a specialized game for the Iraq's Most Wanted Cards.  It involves making up rules on the fly, and one bonged beer.

Red vs Black

This is a simple little game where each player is given 1 red card and 1 black card at a time.  The difference between the cards determines the number of drinks you either give or take.


In this game, we stand up a marker and attempt to knock it down by throwing a card at it.  Then someone drinks.


This is a quarters game that I completely kick ass at.  That's all you need to know.

Scabies and Rabies

This new game isn't played often, but is a good time.  It's basically a variation on beer pong.


We didn't invent this game, but it's still kick ass.  Tony Sasak sucks at this game more than any other.

Super Quarters

This game was made up by the Dr. and myself in a night of utter stupidity.  I hope to never play it again.

Holy Shit Quarters/ Whumpum's Towers